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The Modern Workplace - Transforming the workplace as we know it

By 2025, millennials are forecasted to comprise 75 percent of the global workforce. This is a generation that has been surrounded by technology since their early years which has fundamentally shaped their lives and the way they live it. This digitally connected experience has established the same expectation from the workplace - seamless access to email, social media and other collaboration tools that permit them to remain connected to their global network, from any location and device of their choice. This technology transformation delivers the required employee experience, which helps with efficiency, innovation and growth.

The consumer led approach to adopt modern technologies must be coupled with a strong strategy and design in order to protect data of its people, customers and assets, with a well-planned adoption plan can lead to the true success of digital transformations.

So, what is the modern workplace?

It is the adoption of modern technologies that enables employees to operate from any environment regardless of location or device. SaaS solutions are the enabler for this way of working, for example allowing employees to access their email or pay slips from a smartphone.

Many organisations are at a different stage of their journey due to their unique set of requirements. This can make the adoption and transformation both challenging and lengthy.

Every organisation will have their own level of technical debt – this is legacy technology which restricts them from progressing into the modern workplace

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